Locations & Findings

The Potter House

Due to the owner's request, we are not posting any obtained evidence we've gathered.  The real names are changed due to his wish to limit the amount of trespassing on this property.

Be WARNED.........the Wood County Sheriff's Department does have live video feed that shows if anyone is on the property and they will visit you if you're caught out there.

Do yourselves a favor and don't get trespassing charges.  The owner has stated he has followed through.

We are proud to say we are the FIRST paranormal group to interview the owner and we've got the story about that visit in our Theory & Thought section.  One wild piece of history?  This location was used for a Nickelodeon television show at one time.

Activity Level:  Extreme / Do Not Trespass

The Bradner Farm House

One of our favorite places and what we've considered our playground for years, the Bradner Farm House was a pretty consistent evidence  provider.   The old house is not exactly located in Bradner and we can't disclose the actual location due to privacy of the owner.

Simply put, there's way too many stories we could throw on to the site about this place, but the information we gathered does so much more.  We've got countless hours of information gathered.  There's literally so much going on here we'd be years putting it all on the site.

Update:  in the process of leveling, the Bradner Farm House won't be a part of our fun any longer, but will always be remembered as one of the best locations we ever had the opportunity to visit....and often.

Level: Very High / It gives you what you want

Lucky's Tavern

Even if we're not down for a drink, we've got no issues at all hanging out in this place.  This local bar itself is a wonderful place to drench your thirst, grab a bite to eat (try the dagwood...you'd better be hungry though), or just take some friends for a night out.

With everything from disembodied voices from areas that don't really make much sense to poltergeist activity noted by the owner and patrons that can attest to things that definitely go bump in the night.

Some of our greatest EVP captures have been obtained here ranging everywhere from obscenities and threats to one of our favorites:  a request from beyond asking for a certain song to be played again.  (strangest thing is the feeling you get while that certain song is played....you can hear what sounds like someone jumping on the floor upstairs.  Big catch?  This is only a single story facility.)

Activity Level:  High

Perry Center Cemetery

While not one of our constant hangouts, we've been through the Perry Center Cemetery multiple times without much disappointment.

Originally stumbled upon by accident, just going back to check this place out provided a definite foothold on what we were looking for.

There's just nothing that'll creep you out more than hearing someone ask to help you tie down a rope holding a swing-set in transport on a trailer while sitting in front of this location.  Personally, this was one of those "easily dismissed" sounds UNTIL getting back in the pickup truck proved different.  It turns out our group founder wasn't the only one that heard it.  His 6 year old daughter had also heard the voice.  The curiosity definitely increased though since the 6 year old was still sitting in the truck.

Activity Level:  High / You do need permission

The Q House

Part of the family, this location has provided yet more proof that not everything is imaginary.

Due to being a family home, we're not disclosing the actual location.  There's just still so much to research on the place.

While there have been both physical as well as recorded voices, footsteps and a dog that just isn't there. (yes, as in ghost dog....this was one floor below the room where a former pet passed on.  He had a really distinct bark and yes he did bark on the recorder....about 5 years after he was gone)

There was a story about a little 'ghost boy' that lived in the house by an older resident that lives in the area.  They must have been right.  We've recorded his voice, heard him run down the hall and he has moved various set objects around when he's in the mood.

Activity Level:  Moderate/High - Private Residence

Van Buren Woods / VB Lake Truck

Expanded to not "just the truck", the woods surrounding Van Buren Lake has shown multiple areas good for some fun investigations.

Whether or not there's going to be a catch is somewhat questionable, but pretty much anything you can imagine about the place can pop up.

Our own personal experiences include EVP recordings in areas that honestly don't seem to have any reasoning for existing, to seeing rocks thrown and the sound of snapping trees (not twigs) in the near distance.

Pay close attention to your ears out here.  With everything from growls to verbal responses, the woods is sure to at least entertain you if anything.

This is a state owned campground and there are tons of visitors at various times.  Check the hours of the park, be respectable and don't get chased out by the rangers.

Activity Level:  Moderate - Plan to be walking

Riverview Cemetery

While en-route for a different cemetery, we stumbled on this one accidentally.  We were looking for one alleged urban legend headstone (which we found in the city limits of Mount Blanchard and common sense will tell you....no, the statue of Mary doesn't have glowing eyes.....it's the grain elevator's security lights reflecting on the stone.  It looks even better in the rain.)

This is the older section on the eastern side of the road, not the new.  Be very careful.  The road is highly traveled and the vehicles passing between the two sections don't seem to maintain any sort of speed limit.

Hope for a quiet evening if you visit.  You may get lucky and hear the little girl (if she went back there and quit hanging around the group members) singing songs.

Take a look around.  Grab some EVP's and EMF readings.  Highly suggested to find Enid.  No, we can't tell you where.  If you're searching though, you'll find her.

Activity Level:  Moderate/High

The Westwood School

Not typical of Ethereal Perceptions, we're fortunate to get an invite to this location by another area group based out of Toledo.  Unless the leader of the group asks for publication of his contact information, we're just not handing it out.  All due respect to you guys.  This place was great.

Built in 1914, the school had been turned into a paintball arena, a haunted house attraction and is now under renovations as a private/rental residence.  That alone is awesome just to see life still happening for the property.

Various legends exist when it comes to the property.  A teacher committing suicide in the basement (which has yet to be confirmed, but there is a pretty suspicious looking bent pipe in the area where the legend takes place).  We've seen shadows walking past visible light here.

If the location doesn't get you hyped, maybe the remaining props from the haunted house attraction will.

Activity Level:  Low/Moderate - Private Residence