We are the Ethereal Perceptions Research Group…………

Founded in Findlay Ohio in October of 2009, Ethereal Perceptions is a paranormal research group dedicated to finding the truth.

We’re on our way back from a much needed break.

All of our previous information still resides on our drives. In our off time we’ve went through countless revisits on past EVPs, videos and still shots. There’s a lot more we’ll be dropping in the site while getting ourselves back to work on bringing the realism back to the search.

With our initial primary goals set toward searching for the things going bump in the dark, we’re pulling back the punches and just going in open minded. Anything “can” exist until proven that it doesn’t. Our teams set on finding the answers whether to find that existence or to prove there’s zero reasoning to search for it.

Please stick around. The ride may be a bit bumpy at first, but we’re hard at work in the background of the Ethereal Perceptions web to get everything back in place and get new content added as much as possible.

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