We are the Ethereal Perceptions Research Group…………

Founded in Findlay Ohio in October of 2009, Ethereal Perceptions is a paranormal research group dedicated to finding the truth. While most of our time is spent focusing on hauntings, we love urban legends and helping property owners decide whether the amount of trespassers on their land has a reason behind it.

Yes it’s true.  Some land owners don’t actually like the publicity.  In regards to that, we work to give reasoning behind such public awareness of the property whether claims are true or at times ‘just a bit out there’.

The members of Ethereal Perceptions come from many different age groups and occupations. Whether it comes to standing alone in the dark at locations, interviewing the clients prior to a run or simply reviewing the evidence, it’s great to know we’ve got what we know as the most dedicated professionals we could get for the job.

We are proud to say we are the ONLY paranormal group to actually interview the owner of the infamous (and now obsolete) Potter House as well as some other unspecified locations which we cannot name at the moment.  After running through legal documentations, we found the phone numbers that put the information we needed at hand.  Hopefully we’ll get the permission from the owners to publicize the findings in the opposite manner that their urban legend exists now, but seeming we’re geared towards the truth, who knows what the outcome will be on the findings themselves.

No matter what you’re dealing with on your private or public property, workplace or worship location, contact us at Ethereal Perceptions and leave the search for the truth to us.  If it’s going to go bump in the night, we’ll work as hard as possible on showing you the truth to the paranormal.

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