…and what episode did you experience that on?

(Sure, it’s an edgy topic but who else is going to say it?)

   One of the most irritating things we face as researchers are the claims given to us that oddly match what’s been seen on TV. No, it’s not always “the lady in the white dress” episode that comes to mind, but there is a very strange coincidental claim at times to activities that line up almost perfectly with what someone else has claimed happened to them two seasons ago.

   Recently, I’ve got to speak to some leaders from other groups in the field and they’ve said they have the same problem. If there’s activity taking place in someone’s house in another state, it doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have the same activity taking place in your own home. It just brings on a loss of interest in deciphering what could or could not be paranormal when it seems like maybe a bit too many shows being watched is what’s happened.

   In the past couple months, I’ve also had the opportunity to meet with new people wanting to get into the field of research. While I don’t condone this to everyone and don’t always ‘open the door’ to our group, I decided to loosen up the reigns and allow a chance for a walk through of one of our normal hangouts.

   Not everything turns out for everyone as expected…….


   Just some key notes for those wanting to get into doing research that we’ve discovered ourselves or came up with due to the way some people react while on a run. Hopefully other group leaders will agree, but while some will and some won’t, they’re not the ones I’m trying to reach out to at the moment.

   1.  Don’t be afraid of your environment. Simply put, if you’re not the type of person that cares to be alone, don’t research in the paranormal. There’s times you will be left alone and there isn’t always someone nearby that will hold your hand to help solidify your braveness for doing what you’re doing….taking a chance that you’ll experience something you didn’t expect.

   2.  If you’re not able to do things physically due to doctors orders or an overall fear of ‘getting hurt’, you shouldn’t take part on any investigation. To be honest, nobody can promise you won’t get smacked by a ghost. It’s a general rule of life. Play with fire, you’re bound to get burned.

   3.  Flashlights all night? Really? Okay, so tuning yourself into the dark isn’t the biggest thing you’re looking forward to. Well, some people actually do get into it. It’s their way of putting themselves into the environment. So, with that said, be a participant and leave the flashlight off once in a while. No, it’s not expected that you have the eyes of an owl, but when it’s just dim light and you’re too apprehensive about the dark to shut the flashlight off, maybe you should stick to doing your hunts in the daylight.

   4.  Holy what? Empty your pockets. If you’re new to the game and you truly are a cleanser or a sensitive, you’ll know when to react. You don’t need anyone to show you how to handle yourself and you don’t need to be shown how to lead a spirit “into the light”. All of that comes naturally.

   5.  Limit your personal calls please. Don’t call a leader or a member of a group and ramble continuously for hours on end about how this happened and that happened in your life.  Even worse, AFTER a trial run to see if you’d cut the mustard and be a part of the group, definitely, repeat DEFINITELY do NOT tell a group leader they’re wrong if they made the choice to not have you be a part of the group.  Don’t give them reasons to change their minds.  If at the time they don’t feel you’ve got the offerings needed to do the work, sure enough by spouting off in a little temper tantrum, you’re going to end up facing a closed door forever.  Let us do our part and see how you fit in.

   On a side note:  Chances are we aren’t going to hear “go away”. That’s what the other guys get. Okay, just kidding, we could potentially catch that in an EVP as well, but we haven’t yet and we’re not betting on it.

   All in all, if you’re really wanting to play a part in the world of researching the paranormal, be prepared for doing it. Take some time out and set yourself into your own reality and be conscious about the world around you.

   Not everything is to be expected as you see on your favorite TV show.

   See you in the dark,


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