Luckys Tavern

   There’s quite a bit of a story to tell at Lucky’s Tavern in Findlay. To be honest, there’s so much in regards to our EVP results, it’s a bit confusing. We’re still getting evidence on our research runs so, just like the drinks themselves at the bar……the well that contains the paranormal just keeps on giving. We can attest to this much when it comes to claims of any paranormal activity at the location. Yes it does exist and yes it’s both good and bad.

   Now whether the good is actually the bad putting on a typical facade of what it’s capability really is stands questionable but of course until everything paranormal is proven true, we won’t know the story in completion as told by our disembodied voices we continue to catch with every twist.

   Lucky’s Tavern patrons continuously tell their stories of what’s been seen and heard at the bar, but while some may venture to say it’s just coincidental to the daily operations and visitors that frequent the location.

   Rumored to be built upon a property where at one time a house stood where the resident had reportedly hung himself, the actual history of the location gets a bit darker and at times a little harder to decipher.

   Prior to the suicidal residents home being built, there is an alleged murder on the property found in the history books at the county library. To be honest, we have not seen the books yet, however a temporary resident to Findlay and partner so-to-speak in the paranormal world grabbed interest in our talks about the property and did a bit of research himself only to find what history involved the area between by the tracks as a bit active way back in time.

   More recent history sort of twists into some peoples lives in ways that shouldn’t be publicized on the EP website, so it’s not going to happen. Many apologies to anyone that would suspect either Ethereal Perceptions or it’s owner are ridiculing anything that’s happened on the property. We are not intending to do anything like that but merely try to explain some of the things that do take place when the doors close and the lights go off.

   Question stands now though on exactly what era the inhabitants of Lucky’s are actually from. Does it’s geographical location to the railroad and what none of us living now would know took place when the property was first privately owned have anything to do with it’s activity? Some things we’ll never know for sure.

   While we’re refraining anymore on the Ethereal Perceptions website from sticking to chronological order (we have a reason as to why we’re doing this WILL be publicly known after testing a theory), we’ve gathered together some of the greatest catches from Lucky’s and possibly some of our greatest catches anywhere for the public to review.

   The bar is still in operation today and while you won’t catch everything during your visits, feel free to stop in. It’s actually a great place to grab a bite to eat and a cold one to finish out your long day at work. Try the Dagwood. Trust us.

   One last note we ask anyone and everyone tied with Lucky’s through both being patrons, friends of the business and even local residents with just a curiousness to just refrain from attempting your own hunt on the property. The owner has stated she won’t allow it so you’ll have to confer with Ethereal Perceptions for anything you may want to know about it. Simply put, don’t trespass on the property believing you’ll get the hunt of a life time. There are quite a bit of groups out there known for the unauthorized pictures taken at various locations. If you’re not authorized here, don’t work at publicizing things you won’t want to get yourselves in trouble for.

   So now, without anymore explanation and the much needed don’t at the property…….the captures thus far at Lucky’s Tavern in Findlay, Ohio.

EVP 1: We catch the headlights of a car in the parking lot and make it known what it is. The owner makes a joke about the former patron that passed away in the mens bathroom calling him a peeping Tom. First class A EVP: the owner gets sort of ‘lectured’…..warning…..the first audio DOES contain vulgar language. Not our language, but we don’t control the voices. We only publicize them.

EVP 2: The owner talks to us about various lights she has seen in the bar from time to time. EVP was captured that quite honest appears to be mimicing her.

EVP 3: Lucky recording 13 during one session. Garbled response but quite a bit of it. See if you can discern what’s going on here……

EVP 4: Strange and unexpected EVP caught during our first walk through of Luckys. One of our members, Wayne, had his daughter along with us and while coming back out of the storage room, she actually appears to have something following her.
* The “squealing” background noise is from a feedback test we were running. Simple trick of a microphone / speaker combination that reacted to questioning. We don’t use it much. It’s just too annoying on the ears whether recorded or live, but it does work.

EVP 5: Abigail, our youngest member goofs off about sitting in the “dead chair”. She actually was making a statement that she was going to leave it for someone else. While not expecting yet another voice, we actually captured one she even appears to respond to like she usually does.

EVP 6: Requesting response during EVP sessions just aren’t always going as planned. In this one, apparently our talk has grabbed the attention of yet another voice but not willing to cooperate as you’ll witness yourself with the ‘never’ response.

EVP 7: We had poured a drink for our ghost and asked if it was their favorite. Response is difficult to hear, but seems to be a direct statement of their favorite drink. Not positive on what it is though. Any heavy drinkers out there in the internet world want to expand on this one?

EVP 8: During an absent minded video session (can and will be uploading the video….it’s only 15 seconds), somehow the quick power on the nightshot was hit while the cam was being carried into the womens restroom to retrieve a recorder. What was caught appears to be a warning of “near the ghost” followed by “help me” or “help me out” while walking out of the restroom.

—–> EVP 9:  Our favorite thus far, Lucky’s Tavern MINDBLOWING EVP…………………

This deserves a bit of a story. The owner requested a song that a former patron that had passed away loved to sing on karaoke night. We complied and played the song. During the song, there was a strange thumping sound as if someone was walking upside down on the ceiling. There was no activity other than that going on. At the end of the song however, we captured what appears to be a ghost maybe stuck in time? Stuck as in the pre-CD audio days as he requests and seems to get angry due to our non response that we “Spin The Record”…….There are multiple EVP’s within this clip:

First capture, “Hold Her Down”
Second capture, “Play That – Again”
Third capture, “Spin It”
Actual Living Human Voice = our founder actually asking if “they” want us to play it again…..we don’t know why that happens, but it is a bit strange hearing your own voice before you say something
Fourth capture, “Spin The Record”


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