Collective Research

   Recently I had an interesting phone call to deal with.  I didn’t really expect the call either, so it was a big mix of emotions right away that I had to deal with immediately or lose the trust that took me quite a long time to build up.

    Its obvious of course that theres alot of information on the Ethereal Perceptions website, however, it isn’t there for other groups to gather.  The purpose of the site as well as the information posted on it should be regarded as educational, instructional maybe, or even at times just deemed as entertainment or simply known as a resource tool.

   There will always be new groups appearing in the field and this isn’t a problem.  Some groups will come and go.  Some will bring new things to the field that others will imitate, while others will do nothing more than their own ideas and keep them to themselves.  Theres no issue to me with the who, what, when, where, why or who these people are, but one type of individual or group does stick out.  I’m just going to call them collectors.

   The info here on the EP site, as well as being original unless stated to where the credit to the creator of said content is given, is in fact under copyright protection.  At no time can anything be downloaded and displayed as someone else collected information.  Not only is it morally wrong, but its also illegal to do this practice.

   The phone call I had gotten was in regards to one of our places of interest saying they had contact by another group that we here at Ethereal Perceptions “mentioned” or “referred” to go visit.  This in fact is false.  We never have, nor never will do an invite to another group to take the reigns and show us what they collect in a place regardless of its affiliation with EP.  With all due respect to the owners of the location questioned as well as other locations we have ventured around at, an invite to turn over a location hasn’t happened.

   We have no problem with others researching a place we’ve been to.  We do have an issue with any claims of affiliation with Ethereal Perceptions in order to gain entrance to any place.  We make no false affiliations with other groups and even if we were affiliated, sure enough would not just contact a place known to be a ‘normal stomping ground’ of another group.  This is both disrespectful as well as annoying to property owners and the groups they trust.

   If you feel you would like to visit any of the locations that we frequent, just contact us.  In the most recent phone call, it was pretty much in view that theres a new group in the aream and while we respect their wishes to pursue the same field we’ve been in for quite some time and do respect their future endeavors even in the same town we are in, we won’t step in your mud puddle if you don’t step in ours.

   The paranormal research field isn’t a dog eat dog world.  Theres no real competitive sport to it no matter what you see on TV.  True groups and individuals do respect each other and contact each other rather than stepping foot into the world with no experience and claiming they’ve got the tools and know-how to do a better job.

   I refuse to get into a heated battle with this other group, but will say, if it does come down to a wish for an inner city battle of the minds, I won’t bring Ethereal Perceptions to the party.  Instead I’ll just pursue the legal way of getting a cease and desist in place.  No questions asked.

   Peace to you all through your journey.  Just remember, while you may feel the EP group is a sleeping dog, nothing will wake it up quicker than stepping onto its porch.

Catch you in the dark…….


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