Holcomb Woods

   Holcomb Woods: Another urban legend or an actual haunt? Follow Ethereal Perceptions for the first experience ‘legally’ researching the woods. Yup. Like we said…..legally. Who else is going to do it the professional way?

   Located in Wood County, Holcomb Woods has had a couple different legends arise. One is of a bus crash where supposedly there was a group of unruly kids on the way back from a trip to the zoo and an irritable driver deciding to ‘scare them quiet’. Another is that it was once owned by the Ashland Oil Company here in Northwest Ohio and that one of their employees decided to run into the woods and hang himself due to some corrupt business dealings gone awry. Either story is compelling enough to catch anybodies attention, but what’s the truth to it all?

   It’s just sort of hard to write anything about Holcomb Woods that doesn’t end up being yet another Urban Legend for the kids to read about. We can only say this much……..yes, there was in FACT a bus crash. In conflict due to the truth, there was NOT an entire bus full of children killed at the location. No, the bus driver was not killed. There was one fatality. She is buried in Seneca County at a cemetery in Tiffin.

   We’ve got the genealogy from the burial and the date of death but not much else is really there. It’s typical of every government for every town in at least this country……if you don’t want someone to know about the truth, pay them a fee and they’ll keep their mouths quiet. The embarassment of a community is apparently the biggest no-no any paranormal group has to deal with, so in turn the finding of the truth just takes longer but is in fact unlockable.

   We do have some pictures of Holcomb. They are from our ventures with a group our founder was involved in back in the summer of 2009, however still could be deemed as sufficient when it comes down to what we’re looking for. There is actually one particular photo in question. We’re not much into smoke play, but it leaves a question of “is that actually smoke”?

   Time will tell when it comes down to what we accomplish at Holcomb. The owner of the Bradner Farm House actually owns the woods as well. We have some awesome evidence from the farm house that oddly, may tie in well with what we find at Holcomb. Did the woods serve as a refuge during the slavery days? Why are they located in what we found as the only township ever named “Freedom”. What did the now renamed “Blackman Road” serve in the past? These questions may be answered at both Holcomb and the farm house if we ask them the right way. We’re definitely going to try. Who knows…..we might even get Wayne excited in finding more about the little boy from the house or the mysterious shadow man from the attic window.

   We will get the updates on the site as soon as they happen.

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