Krout Cemetary

   Krout Cemetary is located just north of Mt. Blanchard, Ohio on St Rt 37. Quite honestly we ended up here on accident. Oddly alot of the residents might have too? We were actually looking for another cemetary that is located in Mt. Blanchard…..we found it, but really never found much reasoning to throw anything up on the site in regards to the place…….hint: glowing eyes on the Virgin Mary statue…..turn around and check out the lights on the grain elevator.

   Miscellaneous findings include a gravestone that glows on the opposite side of the cemetary for no apparent reason. Black mist, some tugging on the pantlegs and the largest depository of mosquitos north of New Orleans. Of course last but not least: it’s the (final?) resting place for Enid, the most talkative and playful spirit outside of everything we’ve ever found at the Bradner Farm House. Yes, you’ll know when you found her grave.

   The location of Krout Cemetary is alongside what can be at times a pretty busy highway. Ohio St Rt 37 cuts between Krout and Riverview Cemetaries. (to decipher which is which in case you don’t see the signs, Krout is the old one on the eastern side of the road while Riverview is the newer one on the west) If you choose to go check out Krout, we’d suggest you visualize it during the day.

   There is a sudden drop off if you’re not watching to the northwest of the graves. You’d more than likely get hurt if you fell off the wall built alongside Rt 37, so you may want to venture cautiously. There is also a private home located directly behind the cemetary on the other side of the woods. No word on what the owners there will do if they catch anyone on the cemetary grounds after hours, however Hancock County is known for it’s deputies patrolling around the outskirt communities of Findlay at all hours of the day so tread lightly. You may want to tread lightly anyhow. Enid might grab your pantlegs if you wake her up.


   Update: We managed somehow to get what appears to be Emily paying us a visit. This time she was actually singing (again). JD and John had heard the voice and pointed toward the direction it was coming from. Wayne snapped a picture and the evidence revealed she visits us once again but in yet another place.

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