Perry Cemetery

   Ah, not the start of the fascination but the beginning of the lifestyle and dedication to the paranormal search. Perry Center Cemetary, located just north of Fostoria, Ohio on Eagleville Road seems to be a hotbed of interaction.

   From shadows popping in front of your face during photo shoots to a 25 foot pine tree literally slammed into by something unseen, the cemetary is just as active as maybe the places its current inhabitants once walked upon.

   The first visit to the cemetary was coincidental. While moving a swingset during the day from north of Fostoria back to Findlay, John decided to take Eagleville Road back to Bloomdale and just continuously run through the countryside to get home. Why take the chance of a 20 foot swingset on a 5 foot trailer grabbing the attention of any local law enforcement when more fun could be had with county authorities? (just kidding, we respect the law but it was a site to see the swingset on such a little trailer)

   Stopping in front of the cemetary seemed like a good idea at the moment. Just a quick double check on the ropes strung about the trailer holding the swingset down was beneficial to the rest of the trip. A slightly curved road on an open stretch in front of a cemetary was probably the safest place to pull aside since there were no parking lots seen nearby. Of course now we know there’s one just down the street around another curve…..about a quarter mile away towards the west, but of course had we known it was there we may have never known about the Perry Center Cemetary in the first place.

   This was the spot and occurance that best fits our research beginnings. Our youngest researcher, Abigail was leaning out the back window of the truck watching dad double check the ropes. While tightening the ropes up John heard a voice that seemed to come from the ground beside the trailer looking up at him standing on the fender. Nothing said by John in return. Just a quick look and dismissal due to the kids being in the truck (JD was in the front seat).

   Upon getting back into the truck the case turns odd. Abigail leaned forward, looked right at John and asked “who were you talking to” raising a curious thought. Did Abigail hear the voice too? From all the way up in the back window of the truck?

   The statement that John was talking to nobody was immediately overruled by the response……

   Abigail said she had heard “do you need help with that”. John of course isn’t one for talking to himself (maybe the voices in his head at times, but no, not himself lol). JD spoke up and said there was nobody there and Abigail was hearing things. She immediately took what seemed like an offence and said “yes you were talking to someone because I heard them”.

   All of this sparked the curiousity as to continuous dismissal of what’s always been around. Whats been seen, heard, smelled and felt was now gone as an imaginary thing. Now it’s real. Now’s the time to do something about it…….and so begins the quest.


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