Another great topic for the public is how to help tell the difference between a paranormal group and a paranormal group of frauds.
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Psychics and Seers by Melissa Martin Ellis

Since the dawn of time, there have been people whose senses were tuned to events that were inaccessible to the average person. These people have often been consulted and exploited for their talents, but they have also been regarded with suspicion, fear, and sometimes contempt. It is small wonder that many psychics simply chose to keep their knowledge to themselves. At many times, during the medieval era and even as recently as seventeenth-century America, people with these paranormal abilities were burned at the stake or suffered other dreadful fates for the audacity of showing their abilities.

Today we are somewhat more civilized and more tolerant of those who are a little different. Sure, skeptics may scoff, but that has never killed anyone.

Divining the Differences

Psychics and seers generally fall into three categories:

  • The real deal

  • Total charlatans

  • People with actual abilities who cheat for unknown reasons

How do you tell the real psychics from the frauds? Use your own powers of perception. Ask yourself if you have a gut feeling about a person. Does she make you feel uneasy or try to frighten or intimidate you? Does she ask you for money or request that you do something that is against your better nature? You should leave the presence of this person as quickly and politely as you can. Even if she truly does have psychic powers, the effect she can have on your energy and senses is not good. It is reasonable to assume that the outcome of being near her will not be good either.

Automatic writing is a term for the delivery of messages from the other side by the means of writing. It is done without any conscious cooperation of the person doing the writing. Sometimes the information conveyed proves to be far beyond the knowledge and capabilities of the medium.

You will sense that a genuine psychic or seer is surrounded by a special energy. Although you may be nervous, you should not feel threatened or afraid. A good psychic is usually a good person who has taken all the steps required to build his psychic talents. He meditates to learn to place himself in a receptive state of mind, and he has also learned the skill of creative visualization. He studies, practices, and eventually grows in skill and accuracy over time.

Old stone houses and older structures are featured often in stories of hauntings.

Photo copyright Melissa Martin Ellis, 2006.

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