The Bradner Farmhouse

   Since somewhere around the mid 1800’s, this quiet little (well, maybe quiet once) Bradner Farm House may have played a pretty significant role in the underground railroad. We’re not 100% sure, however with the amount of research we’ve done in the place and it’s surrounding property, we’re pretty confident.

   From the first to the latest runs of the house we’ve captured more unbelievable (as in they DO come up with their own complete sentences) EVP recordings, videos, still photographs, straight out un-technologically enhanced audio (including our favorite ghost girl “Emily” laughing well loud enough to hear without any means of device), footsteps across it’s floors, opening doors, shadows, full body apparitions……the list goes on and on.

   Special attention in the farm house has always been pushed towards the ‘little room’. Just a nickname we’ve come up with for what appears to maybe have been a nursery or child’s room at one time in the distant past, the little room plays a great part in getting under your skin. So far we haven’t got anyone to really go in and come back out (well, aside from maybe Eddie since he seems to live in the house when he’s bored) without mentioning uneasy feelings and for some, an overall flurry of emotions. Strangest thing aside from the gut feeling that the environment in the room is continuously changing would probably be the questioning of why there’s a chain on the INSIDE of the door. Who’s kept who out in the past?

   We’ve caught video of the door to the little room opening on one of our nightshots. The house serves as the location for the recording of the seemingly now infamous “Bradner Flyby” video. We have thus far caught 5 apparitions on still photography, as well as one we still can’t seem to grasp any explanation on in video. The image can be seen in the video “walking down”.

   No matter what the past may have been like at the Bradner Farm House, you can be certain that the history is very much alive and well. Anything residual at the location should be just considered a bored haunt because if you wish it at the Bradner Farm House, then it’s more than likely going to happen for you.

   For the future, the Bradner Farm House remains as one of our favorite stomping grounds. Aside from just trying to put two and two together to come up with the history and current ‘haunt’ of the place, we’ve landed the seemingly impossible in regards to the location and maybe the history of it……………….

   The Bradner Farm House is just part of the property list that includes of all things: the definitely well known urban legend………Holcomb Woods. (if you could see our grin when we say that, it’s just unbelievable)

   During the Halloween season, the location is actually setup as a haunted house. First hand knowledge we’ve obtained from the place though does go to show that you don’t really need any props in order to get someone’s blood pressure up and sensibility to slam through the roof. The Bradner Farm House will deliver it if you ask for it.

   There’s actually a ton of EVP work we’ve gone through and we’d bog down the server if we put all the results from the Bradner Farm House on here. So, instead, we’ll just simply give you our favorites.

I’ve asked to get out:


For some reason, something really likes Gerald (aka Bob)


*warning, does contain profanity *For some other reason, something really wants Bob to ‘stfu’


Captured from one of our cameras and turned up so unlike most of our EVP’s you can actually hear it, Emily for the first time tells us her name. (emily by the way is our ‘resident’ ghost. we’ve caught her so far in at least 4 locations)


The first time we captured the voice of Bradner Farm House it was during an EVP session. After deciding to use the 2nd nightshot we had in the house, John picked up the 1st camera by the tripod to move it downstairs. The video was going to get scrapped since it was only a couple minutes long, but after convinced by Bob to throw nothing away, we found the that the voice is apparently in love with the camera. (it’s just our nickname for the voice because its talked more than once…check the flyby video)


Last but not least, the videos. The old farmhouse is actually pretty active. Simply put it’s probably the king of activity as far as rankings go for places we’ve been.


Pretty crappy video work, but the only thing we were carrying at the moment were still cams. The video isn’t really the important part as the overall reaction to the first time we heard the footsteps with our own ears. Footsteps are now a pretty common thing at the farmhouse. Almost as if the haunting that takes place there isn’t afraid to let us know it’s there now. Warning…this video does contain obscene language.


Our favorite spot in the house happens to be the little room with the chain on the inside of the door. Still can’t figure out why it’s there, but as you’ll see in the videos, maybe the chain was in place for a reason years ago and the activity still takes place.


Door opens while we’re researching elsewhere in the house. A nightshot camera was left across from the door. All researchers present at the location were grouped together downstairs.

The door check is just what alot of people want to see in a video. Yup. You can call it an orb. You can call it a bug. You can call it whatever your heart desires. We caught it on the nightshot, so we’re showing it.


Emily talks to us a bit in this video. Bob asking questions gets a response of I’m scared. Either that’s a disembodied voice, or maybe Bob doesn’t want to tell us his true feelings about the dark house?


We’ve looked at this video even on the big screen. We just don’t have a clue on why the guy at the bottom of the steps didn’t get hit in the face with the camera. Was there actually someone there? Nobody remembers anyone down there as we cleared the bottom step. We have viewed the video with surround sound. It lights up the subwoofers when the camera goes past whoever (or whatever) that is at the bottom.


Still not sure exactly why she found the humor in the flashlight, but immediately after what appears to be our overly active ghost at the farm house saying “Oh My God”, Emily finds some reason to giggle. And giggling seems to just be one of her favorite things to do. Ask JD about it, he’ll tell you. You don’t need any equipment of any kind to hear her having fun.


We’ve caught what we believe is the only video of it’s kind…..ever. What else could fly past the camera at a rate that needs slowed to 40% original just to be able to hear what it says? Yet more proof that the attraction to the IR lights at the farmhouse is insane. Well and our friend up there that continuously drops hints at something in the attic and needing help to “fight the monsters” is a bit insane as well.

Normal speed: *****

At 40% you can hear the voice: *****

The clipped video: *****

Want the original fly by video so you can watch it as many times as you need to? Go ahead. Rip the video apart if you want. There’s nothing falsified in it. We’d actually love it if someone can explain what it is……..and no, it’s highly unlikely we’ve captured a talking camera strap. Right-Click with your mouse and choose “save target as” –> FULLFLYBY-EtherealPerceptions.mp4 *****

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