The Westwood School

   Not typical of Ethereal Perceptions, we’re fortunate to get an invite to this location by another area group based out of Toledo. Unless the leader of the group asks for publication of his contact information, we’re just not handing it out. All due respect to you guys. This place was great.

   Built in 1914, the school had been turned into a paintball arena, a haunted house attraction and is now under renovations as a private/rental residence. That alone is awesome just to see life still happening for the property.

   Various legends exist when it comes to the property. A teacher committing suicide in the basement (which has yet to be confirmed, but there is a pretty suspicious looking bent pipe in the area where the legend takes place). We’ve seen shadows walking past visible light here.

   If the location doesn’t get you hyped, maybe the remaining props from the haunted house attraction will.

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