Van Buren – The Lake Truck

   This locally known location was found by J.D. during an annual family camping trip. We’d never seen it before, so some added enthusiasm fed the desire to check it out more. Many years of wear and tear has pretty much destroyed the old truck. (that and the park visitors that let their kids use it for a trampoline)

   JD mentioned doing some EVP work and investigating the truck just due to it’s location. Who knows. Maybe we’d find a reason as to why this truck surrounded by a ton of trees and from any angle looking like it was a workout to get there was living its final days of its existence hidden so far from so many eyes.

   John agreed to take the campers onto a hunt at the truck. The evidence that we collected were very unexpected though. J.D.’s friend Dakota had stepped n a door from the truck that was lying on the ground. Upon listening to the recordings, replacement of the ‘stepping on the door’ conversation occurred and an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) of what appeared to be a young boy saying ‘monster’ took place.

   With Johns involvement in another group at the time, a daytime scenery inspection to try figuring out how the truck got there in the first place revealed something a bit more disturbing. The leader of the other group had his 3 year old with him and just let him play in the woods. EVP recording of what seems to be a child repeatedly speaking backwards saying “mommy” and direct interaction between the 3 year old son of the leader with the disembodied voice. While not denying it took place, the other groups leader has pretty much just decided to overlook the evidence and claim it as coincidental. (we guess since he won’t speak about it at all)

   Although it’s gotten to be one of the first places we tend to take the new people and seldom visit afterwards, we’ve pretty much made an overall decision to just keep the Van Buren Lake Truck as one of our favorites.

   Biggest things to note about the truck. One, location. Two, mud. (don’t wear good shoes) Three, get ready for anything goes. Trees snap. A woman’s voice is heard southwest of the truck. You will get the sense of being watched. Whiles it’s not the overall scariest thing on earth unless maybe the woods at night scares you anyhow, the trucks definitely worth the trip to at least see and pay homage in a way to Mother Nature taking back what’s rightfully her’s…..the ground it sits on.

   Update: Whether this stands as yet another Urban Legend or it’s fact, we’ve found out that the truck was actually stolen from Van Buren Schools many years ago and hidden in the woods. While the thief didn’t get away with it, the truck was left in the woods due to the struggle it would have been to remove it. Years later in the late 70’s (and we couldn’t verify this….dang government payoffs) a supposed double suicide occurred in the truck and was discovered on the search for two missing people. We aren’t sure or not if it’s all true, but a couple locals recalled the trucks history pretty well.

   Update 2020: More destruction to the truck over the years. Thanks park visitors for not maintaining your crowd. Sure kids will be kids. Hope some needed a bandaid but not really wishing a tetanus shot for all the rust imbedded in their kneecaps. Please don’t destroy things mother nature is already taking over. It’s just not cool.

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